2018 Guide to SEO Techniques

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Let’s look at 8 SEO techniques that you can use in 2018 to improve your organic search rankings. These are some of the most popular techniques used by leading industry experts.

1. Guest Posting

This involves writing and publishing content on someone else’s blog or website. • Allows you to connect with a new audience and promote your own brand • Secure valuable links from the published content • You will also benefit from the link acquisition and the relevant traffic that is referred

2. 2 Outreach

Outreach is the process of connecting with major industry blogs and influencers. Your goal is to get them to link to your content, share your content, or even allow you to post on their blog (see guest posting above) • Connecting with large brands and influencers can help your content reach a much larger audience • Choosing the right brand or influencer can result in highly relevant web traffic • Allows you to secure links from high authority websites that are relevant to your content, search engines will reward this

3. Producing Quality Content

Publishing high quality content on your website will inform, educate, and entertain your audience. • This will encourage users to share high quality content that they feel is useful • Allows you to rank for keywords that your target customers are actually searching for • You will create your own content library that builds trust with your users • Quality content can be used together with outreach. Websites prefer to link back to a valuable resource

4. On-page Optimisation

This optimises on page elements such as your title tags, URL structure, headings, descriptions and alt-image text. • Does not require much technical ability to do correctly • Allows you to rank for lower keyword difficulty terms more easily in most cases • Requires less resources compared to other techniques to start ranking for organic search traffic by targeting low level keywords

5. 5 Keyword Research and Ranking

The process of identifying keywords and search terms that your target audience is actually searching for, and using this process to optimise for the relevant keywords • Drives relevant traffic to your website by targeting the right user • Allows you to compete and drive traffic from your competitor’s sites to your site • Targeting organic traffic will allow your brand/business to operate 24 hours a day

6. Domain Authority Building

This is a search engine ranking score developed by Moz that will predict how well a website will rank on search engine result pages (SERPs). • Increasing domain authority continuously will allow you to rank for keywords with less difficulty • Building relevant high quality authority links will increase your website’s overall domain authority score, it comes with the added benefits of link building

7. Second-Tier Link Building

Instead of linking directly from external content to your website, a second-tier link travels from any website to the piece of content that links to your website. • Drives traffic to your first-tier links, and more importantly, your main website • It will create a filter between your website and lower quality links, giving you more control, and allowing you to benefit from these links while protecting your website (if managed correctly)

8. Skyscraper method

This involves identifying good quality link-worthy content (perhaps from competitors) and creating even higher quality content of your own. You will then perform outreach (see number 2) to secure the desired links. • You will have created higher quality content from content that has previously been proven to perform well elsewhere • Aids you in securing links from the most relevant and popular websites (also increasing your domain authority) • Benefits your brand and gives you highly relevant traffic because your content is linked from highly trusted publications What SEO techniques are you using in 2018? Let us know. Follow us on social media for more useful SEO tips.