social media goals

Utterly Digital will help you reach a number of different milestones depending on your overall business goals. It can be challenging to decide what your social targets should be. Here are some of the most popular social media goals today:

Increase brand awareness

Using our content marketing strategy, we place a strong emphasis on creating valuable content for your audience which is distributed through the most appropriate social channels.

Higher quality sales

We’ll identify the right keywords, phrases, and hashtags to efficiently reach your core audience. Whether you’re trying to generate more leads or increase online sales, our SEO (search engine optimisation) team use industry leading software and tools to pinpoint what users are searching for when looking for a specific product or service.

Create a loyal following

Is your brand already promoting user generated content? How does your audience react? Utterly Digital publishes meaningful content to attract both new and existing users.

Monitor industry competitors

What is working well for your competition? How effective are their strategies? By conducting competitor analysis research, we’ll ensure you take the right steps moving forward.

Understanding your audience is key to learning about their social media behaviour. Looking at demographics such as age, gender, location, and income level are just a few ways to target the right users. We create digital personas to understand which social platforms correlate in the best way with your goals. We do this for the following:

Not sure if your brand/business’ social media marketing strategy is perfectly optimised ñ let us conduct a full in-depth audit providing you with both a PDF report and an overview video with a list of actionable steps to improve the position yourself or ask us to do it for you.

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Metrics such as follower count and likes are useful to measure, but often don’t provide the full story of your brand on social media. Engagement metrics provide far more valuable insights into how your brand/business is performing. They can also improve and build lasting relationships with your core following. Here’s an overview of some important metrics we analyse:


This is the number of unique users who have seen your post. We look at how many users have seen this in their newsfeeds, and how far your content has reached.


This looks at your CTR (click-through-rate). How many clicks is your content and website receiving. Our SEO team monitors these campaigns to understand how effective they are. We’ll help you understand what drives this curiosity and motivates people to purchase your product/service.


Take the number of total social interactions and divide this by the total number of impressions, this will give you your engagement rate. This will help you understand how your audience views your social media presence and how likely they are to interact with you.


This measures user reactions to your content. Did users react positively to your posts or did they find it offensive? We dig further to find out what people are actually saying about your brand/business. We also provide Digital PR and Reputation Management.

Organic and paid

Organic engagement can be difficult for any brand/business. That’s not to say it’s impossible, but it comes with challenges. This is why many businesses turn to paid advertising on social media networks. Utterly Digital provides Content Marketing and Paid Search campaigns to help your business grow online.

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Our approach

Before we start creating a social media marketing campaign for you, we will research and analyse your social media competitive space. This will allow us to identify what makes your competitors successful. Helping you learn from their positives and negatives to achieve your own growth.

Next, produce engaging social media content. Content Marketing is extremely important in any social network campaign. We’ll plan, produce and publish content that is consistent, relevant, and most importantly valuable to your audience. It’s imperative to find the right balance between target content and not being overly promotional.
(see Content Marketing for further information)

Did you know 44% of users state they will unfollow a brand if it’s heavily promotional.

Once the content has been published, we will track the success of each campaign and find ways to improve it moving forward. This is done by analysing which posts were successful and why. Showcase your results through a streamlined report, and more importantly, optimise what works and remove what doesn’t.

Social media networking will help you build links that will also support your SEO efforts. Many users even perform searches on these platforms instead of using traditional search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. These social connections can even impact the relevancy of related search results by using freshness link signals.

In Summary

Social Media Marketing can be combined with Content Marketing and Paid Search to find the perfect balance

Our strategic approach to social media marketing creates consistency, relevancy, and most importantly, value

We focus on your target audience and your goals by utilising the right channel and platform for your vision

Looking for social media marketing that delivers quality and value – well you’re in the right place, our team of copywriters and SEOs can craft the perfect campaign for your business. Contact us today on 01242 323 543 or email now