1. On-Page SEO in London

Optimise your website by looking at each individual page. This will be a great place to start. On-page Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can cross over into Technical SEO – ensure that your web pages are structured correctly by using a page hierarchy that makes sense both internally and to your end user.

Once your London brand/business website has been structured correctly, you should focus your attention on the following key areas:

Keyword Research

Keyword research is what your target audience in London is actively searching for every day. Think about what keywords a user would enter into a search engine. What intent is behind each keyword that has been entered? As an example, is the user searching for information on how to complete a task or are they intending to purchase your products or services?

URL Description

Websites should use short and descriptive page URLs, this makes it easier to create intuitive navigation for users and bots that crawl your website to return data back to search engines.

Meta Description

Your Meta descriptions should be used to convince target users to select your site within the search engine results page (SERP), instead of your competitors in London. This can be used as a quick and easy way to explain the product/service you’re offering before users click through to your website.

Keyword Density + Content Optimisation

Keyword density looks at how many times any given keyword is placed within your web pages. The keywords you have selected to use on each page will be different, as you will try to optimise each page for specific keywords. You will want to avoid any form of keyword cannibalisation for your chosen topics. Note that this type of optimisation doesn’t just refer to the number of times any given keyword is used. It also considers other factors such as font size and the type of formatting used.

User Experience

Websites for London based businesses will have to provide a great user experience. Your business may receive traffic from all over the world, and not everyone has superfast internet speeds. Ensure your site loads quickly and function correctly for mobile users, as well as desktop users. Think about the sites you frequently visit; do they provide a nice user experience.

Page Title

The page title you use should describe what content can be found on each individual web page. Use keywords in a natural way, along with topical keywords, think about what other words would draw users in?

Conversion Rate Optimisation + Calls-To-Action

Each web action a user has to go through must be streamlined. As we noted previously, consider the overall user experience from journey to completion. Are user actions clear and self-explanatory? Are they achievable in a timely manner? Examples could include the following: completing and submitting a web form with a confirmation message, contacting you via telephone or online chat, or buying a product or service directly from your website.

Structured Data Markup

Ensure your site makes use of accurate, and modern markup languages. This will help you take advantage of local London SEO features within the search engine results page (SERP). Completing this task will also improve your site’s overall click-through-rate (CTR) for each page.

SEO London

Our SEO specialists can analyse your website’s on-page optimisation, and understand who your ‘target customer’ is, whether your business is based in London, its surrounding areas or you operate nationally. We will identify how competitive your online market is. This will enable us to develop the most effective on-page SEO campaign for your brand/business.

Unsure if your website’s on-page optimisation is perfectly optimised – allow our London SEO experts to conduct a full in-depth audit. We will provide you with a PDF report and an overview video, giving you a list of actionable steps to help you improve the position yourself. Alternatively, you can request that we do this for you.

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2. Off-site SEO in London

Once your on-page SEO has been taken care, we now need to address your off-site SEO. Having great on-page optimisation, well written content and a website that loads instantly isn’t quite enough. Your site will need to have links that are both powerful and relevant. Without these links, you will find it challenging to bring in a healthy flow of organic traffic through search engines.

Carrying out link building in an effective way will be paramount to your off-site SEO campaign’s success. Link building is a wide-ranging subject and covers many different topics, any strategy that you choose to use needs to be well thought and executed correctly.

Quality over quantity – this is what your London based business will need to succeed online. Acquiring links that provide relevancy will have a much larger impact. In most case studies, acquiring irrelevant links could hinder your progress and will not give you a healthy ROI.

Try to produce high quality content, this will mean that other sites will be more likely to link back to your content if they deem it valuable. If your business offers a niche product or service, this could be more challenging, but there are still a number of ways you can gain the desired links.

SEO London

At Utterly Digital, our search engine optimisation team understand the challenges that businesses in London encounter when trying to acquire the right links – this is why we have decided to provide our very own link building service which gives your business access to more than 18,000 high quality websites. These sites cover a whole range of different subjects. Our link building service will enable you to acquire both powerful and relevant links through guest posting.

Depending on the type of business you manage, you may also wish to take advantage of our Digital PR service. If your London based brand/business would benefit from being featured in a large online publication, we can certainly make that happen.

It’s important to remember that any links you build to your website must be topically relevant. If you are a technology firm and you receive a link from a website that sells luxury handbags, this doesn’t make a lot of sense. However, if you are a technology firm and you receive links from other technology-related blogs and news sites, this now makes a lot more sense. It clearly has more relevancy to the product or service your business offers.

As a final consideration, think about how much value your website provides to its users. If users actively engage with your content, you can expect to improve your rankings by increasing your chances of being linked to.

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3. Technical SEO in London

Our experts are here to make technical SEO less technical. We need to ensure that all search engines are able to read your page content, in addition to easily being able to explore your website. Technical issues, whether small or large can and will hinder any progress you intend to make.

Here, we have listed a number of different areas that need to be addressed correctly within any technical SEO campaign:

Crawl Rate

Are search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo able to explore your website efficiently?

Pages in the Index

Your website must alert search engines as to which pages should and shouldn’t be indexed. On-page SEO will help you display any page in the correct way (see above).

Mobile First Index

Your London based business website will likely be accessed by a whole range of desktop and mobile users. Mobile usage statistics have increased rapidly through smartphone adoption rates amongst all age groups. A mobile friendly website that loads quickly for 4G mobile users in London will be beneficial, this is because site load speed is also a ranking factor.


Any Content Management System (CMS) you choose to use should provide the right features. Is the search engine technology and plugins you have opted for search engine friendly?

Page Hierarchy

Google’s bots need to be able to crawl from page to page efficiently? Your website’s overall structure should have been addressed through on-page optimisation.

If your London based business website only has a small number of pages, a technical SEO audit can be conducted quickly. If your site has a large number of pages, our experts highly recommend a full professional technical SEO audit.

Ideally, a large number of areas should have been addressed by your web designer/developer when the website was originally built. If the developer was not up to date or didn’t implement the best practices, your website design may actually be affecting your ability to rank highly within any search engine results page (SERP).

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4. Content Writing in London

Content writing is sometimes overlooked, but it’s a key ingredient of any campaign. Ideally, your website will be presented to deliver content in the most effective way. Well written content will help sell your products and/or services, in addition to the optimisation benefits it will bring. You will now be actively helping customers and clients to solve their problems and help them achieve their goals.

The majority of clients Utterly Digital is actively working with are within the service industry. This means that their content can generally be filtered into the following three categories:


This type of content will explain what you are doing as a London based business, how you achieve this, and maybe a reason as to why you are doing it.


Credibility that is conveyed through your content can help you explain why a potential customer or client should engage with your London based brand/business.


Your marketing content will help position your London based business as an expert within the field.

It is beneficial to have all three types of content on your website. Case studies, testimonials and the power of reviews shouldn’t be overlooked by anyone.

Your content marketing strategy as part of your SEO efforts should be focused - this is what will promote your business to a much greater audience. Future clients and customers will be able to clearly understand you and your business in a better way. This gives them the reassurance they need before doing business with you.

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In summary

The key to any successful content marketing campaign is to have content that is optimised correctly at each stage of the client journey. Content that is relevant should be shared on the most appropriate social media platforms.

Does your London based business produce the right type of content? There is no need to write about a subject that your target audience has no interest in.

Remember to always be consistent. If you have chosen to publish a new blog post twice per month, ensure you keep to that schedule, as this is what your audience will expect.

Looking for great content – well you’ve arrived at the right place, our team of Gloucestershire based copywriters serve businesses in London and its surrounding areas. We’re able to create content on a whole range of topics that tell the story of the product or service your business provides. Contact us today on 01242 323 543 for our awesome monthly blog writing deals.

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